The best real estate team that I have ever worked with is The Smits Team. Kevin and Amy Smits know their inventory and keep abreast of all new technologies that will help their clients seamlessly go from searching to buying.

They are now part of a rapidly growing brokerage firm called eXp Realty. It is the first real estate brokerage that pays dividends and offers stock options to their agents. They are going global and everyone profits from the group investing and the group dynamic!


Amy and Kevin Smits

Wonderful, kind people that will do anything for their friends and family! Here they are hiking in Puerto Rico where they spend half their time.

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Wooden Hut
Wooden Hut

eXp Realty

Kevin and Amy joined eXp Realty when they saw that they could become part of the team as shareholders. They could be part of a fast growing and generous company that wanted all realtors to succeed!

If you would like to learn more about eXp please let us know!