• Michele McAvoy

The dreaded "I already purchased"

When I was working for a large real estate company, one of the most dreaded words to come from a lead was "I already purchased". That immediately told me that they have been on our website, and on other websites in our area, with no communication from us, so they purchased with the agent that was communicating with them.

There have been a few instances over the years when I had someone on the phone that was looking to purchase ASAP and the agent didn't follow up as they should. One such instance was a man looking to buy immediately and the agent didn't get back to him and he purchased within a week from a different office...the office who followed up and started sending/videoing him homes. That was a million dollar deal...lost.

That one deal, one, would have paid the full time salary of the ISA for the year!

That is what I am trying to end...agencies losing business to someone else simply because they do not have the systems in place to follow up correctly with their leads. Having an ISA on board means that you will have the follow up that you need to keep the leads engaged and reminded of your office, without pestering and annoying them. ISA's are customer care...people respond better when they realize they are talking to the assistant and not the agent when they are first looking. There is no pressure, just the "my job is to help you view properties in your email that are suited to you."

Having an ISA is a GAME CHANGER! Are you ready?

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